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Martine G. Brousse
Patient Advocate
Healthcare Reimbursement Expert
Certified Mediator




If you only do one thing today to lower

your medical bills , consider this:

The healthcare system is complex and unkind, leading to frustration and ever-increasing financial burdens for patients.

Its lack of transparency, coding and insurance  jargon, widespread automation and unwritten rules are meant to do one thing: make you pay up now, without question, in exchange for some peace of mind.

But how much does that cost you?

Did you pay what you truly owed? Or more? 



  • Understand it all, already, and in depth

  • Give you a fair, trustworthy assessment of your case and analyze your chances of success

  • Provide the expertise required in all aspects of the medical billing process to lower your ultimate liability to the minimum,

  • Implement the best Strategy as the case develops

  • Use my knowledge of regulations to your best advantage,

  • Offer creative, effective solutions for the short or long-term management of your medical costs,

  • Make sure all parties remember you have Rights, and that those are respected.

Working with you, your insurer, medical providers and regulatory agencies I analyze claims, audit statements, manage accounts, file appeals, and bring about resolution on your behalf.  

A certified mediator, I negotiate lower fees and help achieve successful settlements.


“I asked around for over a year to so many attorneys, friends, acquaintances and no one helped or guided me other than Pay! I really want to thank you for your expert knowledge and rapid resolve of this issue.” M., CA. Saved over $ 500K


“Thank you Martine. I have no idea what prompted me to get help from you but I I'm glad you do what you do. Thank you!” P., UT. Saved over $ 80K and a lawsuit


“Thanks Martine.  As always your services are extraordinary and the peace of mind you have brought me is immeasurable!” T., CA

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Qualifications & Services

  • Billing Manager for 2 decades

  • Patient advocate since 2013

  • Supervised every aspect of billing process

  • Certified Mediator (50 States)

  • Case Analysis Reports

  • Liability Management Strategy

  • Account Management

  • Bills/EOB Auditing

  • Appeals & Grievances 

  • Fee/Payment Negotiations

  • Mentorship

  • Consulting

  • Lecturer

  • Author of “Guide to Resources and Assistance for Cancer Patients”


              WHAT I CANNOT DO:

  • Guarantee a specific result - except for my best effort - or time frame. 

  • Give any medical advice, recommend a treatment or specific medical provider

  • Bill your insurance for my services

  • Provide legal, accounting or other professional outside of my expertise

  • Act as an insurance Agent.

About Martine Brousse

AdvimedPRO founder Martine Brousse is a healthcare industry expert with over two decades of medical billing management experience and vast knowledge of the intricacies of navigating all types of payment claim issues. She is a certified mediator in 50 states.

It was in direct response to what she saw as a lack of resources for patients to effectively anticipate and expedite medical expenses that she created AdvimedPRO. Having run extremely successful, patient-oriented billing departments, this was a natural progression for her – one that allows her to apply a thorough understanding of the ever changing medical system in a way that directly and positively impacts patientsʻ lives.

Martine Brousse is a member of APHA. She abides by the Advocate’s Code of Conduct and Professional Standards. 

She is an active member of Toastmasters International, lectures and gives workshops. She mentors new advocates and consults for others. 

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