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“Thank you Martine. I have no

idea what prompted me to get

help from you but I I'm glad

you do what you do. Thank you!”
P., UT.

Saved over $ 80K and a lawsuit

Working with Martine was life changing for our family.  We had been paying out of pocket for services that should have been covered by insurance and had gotten nowhere working with the insurance company directly.  Martine knew all their tricks and ultimately was able to get our family reimbursed.  There were a few times we felt like giving up but she stuck with it and ultimately we got what we were owed.  Highly recommend Martine to other families.  

Laura z.   saved over $ 75K

“I asked around for over a year to so many attorneys, friends, and no one helped or guided me other than Pay Up! I really want to thank you for your expert knowledge and rapid resolve of this issue.”   M., CA.

                                             Saved over 500K

Thanks Martine.  Your services are extraordinary and the peace of mind you have brought

me is immeasurable!”

T., CA

Long time Client

I highly recommend Martine! She is so very knowledgeable about medical billing and can explain complex billing in a way that is understandable. She’s communicative and professional. So glad to have found her!


Your talents have been amazing and

our family is so grateful! I will gladly extend your name out to whomever I see that has a need for you!

E., CA

                   Mom's Estate saved over 600K

I recently referred one of my patient advocacy clients to Martine. My client needed an advocate with significant expertise in medical billing issues and negotiations. Martine stepped in and resolved the billing issue quickly and efficiently. I am so thankful that Martine was able to help my client and negotiate a fair price for her medical bill. I highly recommend Martine and her services!


Ashley Abuel, BSN, RN, BCPA 

Fellow Patient Advocate

You’ve done a wonderful job. And it wasn’t easy.

Truly magnificent.


Thanks, as always.

B., CA - 

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